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Balancing self-accountability with self-compassion

Do you ever feel like you swing on a pendulum?

On one side, you are IN THE ZONE, going ninety miles-per-hour, pushing yourself to the brink, obsessed with excellence.

On the other, you are ZONED OUT, indulging yourself, making excuses, and binging on social media or Netflix.

How do we get off the wild pendulum swings to find a more consistent, steady way of moving through life?

Today, Nesha talks about how her 20+ years of experience as a studio director has helped her see how accountability can work like a dial.

Turned down too low, people become self-indulgent, developing victim narratives that keep them from progressing toward their full potential.

Turned up too high, people become rigid and perfectionistic, driven by fear and shame.

Nesha offers the superpower of self-compassion as the magical ingredient that brings the dial of accountability into the  alignment that brings us closer to our Highest Selves and greatest life fulfillment.

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