open for enrollment Sept 3rd, 2024. Meetings held Mondays 8-9:30pm MDT.

Lifelong Awakening:

A Mindfulness-based Framework to realize the Highest within you.

Lifelong Awakening is a comprehensive program with the structure and tools to support your deepest, most expansive healing and wholeness. Resources include weekly Group Mentoring, embodied movement and meditation, daily sits, mindfulness-based principles and practice, and loving community that keeps you accountable to your Highest Self.

Are you ready to change your life?

I have grown in ways I didn’t know were possible through Body Soul School. My vocabulary, knowledge and understanding of who I am and what I am capable of have increased exponentially. My body is stronger and I have learned that it is a sacred vessel and facilitator for worship, a divine part of who I am. I feel more connected spiritually to the Divine and learned ways to help me reconnect every day. The unconditional acceptance, love and encouragement I feel in this community has been healing and transformative for me. It’s true—you don’t know what you don’t know-until you do! I know that I wouldn’t be where I am without this inspired program and I plan to continue.

Janet A

Lifelong Awakening is a comprehensive pathway for people who are ready for a more conscious way of being in the world.

This might be you if:

  • You are passionate about self-discovery and maximizing your life journey. 
  • You would like to improve your relationships and create more goodness in the world.
  • You know you have unresolved traumas and are looking for a place of healing and wholeness.

Body Soul School has done more for me in helping me become my authentic best self than any other thing I’ve ever done. It has forever improved my relationships with my spouse, children,  co-workers, friends, and most importantly, myself, and in major ways. It’s hard to overstate the impact this program has had on my life. For the time and money, I’ve never encountered a wiser investment in myself, one that keeps paying big dividends.

Ty W

Imagine A Whole New Way of Moving Through the World:


The Present Moment is the Key to Inner Peace

Imagine never being hijacked by a crisis again. Through Presence, you really can eliminate your unconscious reactivity. No matter how complex the external challenges you face, by turning inward and upward, you can find your next right step from a place of inner peace and clarity.


Spirituality as an Embodied Element of Who You Are

Imagine living your daily life as a fully integrated being: body, mind and spirit. As you learn to listen to your inner signals with loving awareness and non-judgement, a sane spirituality arises to help you navigate your life with trust and wisdom. You can develop safe, intimate connection with a Higher Power of your own understanding.


Mentors as an Invaluable Window to Higher Consciousness

Imagine having a personalized guide who has walked a similar path and learned how to raise their own frequency through the school of hard knocks and life experience. Having someone there who is trained in mindfulness and also a fellow in conscious living makes ALL the difference. We all need someone to show us what it looks like to operate in a new, higher way.


A Lifelong Community of Support & Accountability.

Imagine a sacred circle where you are loved and supported even as you’re held accountable to the highest within you. It’s one thing to have a tribe of people who support you in your dysfunction. It’s another to have a brotherhood of like-minded individuals moving toward inner freedom and spiritual awakening.


A Healthier Mind, Body & Spirit

Imagine feeling totally at-home in your own skin: looking in the mirror and loving what you see, regularly returning to your body to care for and nurture it, honoring it as a loving and loyal friend. As you engage in mindful movement, regular meditation, and weekly Group meetings, you are building the crucial foundation for an empowered, joyful, and authentic life in every way.

There is Truly Nothing More Valuable That You Could Do With Your Time

Everything you do, create, or experience in the world is filtered through your awareness. Learning how to clear the clutter, find the present moment, and connect to the Highest within you has the power to revolutionize your life in every way: from your work in the world to the quality of your intimate relationships to the peace you feel inside yourself on a daily basis. There is nothing you could do with your time that could possibly pay bigger dividends.

Because We Want You To Awaken to All That You Are, We Suggest:

Commit 2 hours per week

You Get What You Give…

Lifelong Awakening will open your eyes to the infinite abundance that is available to you right here and now, exactly as you are. The more of yourself you give to this program, the more it will give back to you. There are so many tools to integrate: we suggest you explore what’s offered and then create your own personal practice rhythm that is realistic and consistent.

Lifelong Awakening can Transform Your Life and it’s Officially OPEN for Enrollment Sept 3rd.

4 monthly payments of


A one-time payment of


As a dietitian I have seen and participated in many types of health and wellness programs, but I have never see anything quite like Body Soul School. They utilize a unique combination of exercises mixed with meditation to nourish mind, body and soul with every session. This unique combination is the most effective tool I have found to combat the ever present messages in our society of objectifying our bodies and hyper-focusing on size and appearance as a sign of health. This program offers a pathway to true health, both mental and physical, by incorporating the element of spirituality into every exercise session.

Jaylene Mortenson
Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

My husband and I have taken advantage of every couples opportunity Body Soul School has offered. The approach is unlike anything else we’ve experienced in counseling or therapy sessions. In the program, we’ve been coached through mindful meditations and course materials to be able to see each other in new and exciting ways. Also, to be able to understand ourselves with more compassion and understanding. We’ve learned tools that have empowered us to be able to have meaningful conversations to deepen and enrich our relationship. We’ve spent years skimming on the surface of our relationship, allowing careers and kids and other responsibilities to squeeze between us. Without BodySoul School I can absolutely see us living our whole lives that way and never realizing there is another level of intimacy and connection possible. The more we have been able to confront ourselves and see our own inner worlds the more we’ve been able to see and marvel at the wonders of each other.”

Brielle & John

After being in counseling for several years, I still felt like there was so much I didn’t have a grasp on and so much that I felt like I still needed to work on, but I didn’t know where to start. Body Soul School has given me what I felt was missing from my counseling sessions.  It is helping me understand and reflect on some of my self-defeating behaviors that I could never put into words.  I’m finding a new sense of awareness about my mental state thanks to this program.  

Lori A

What's Inside Lifelong Awakening


SEPT 3rd (Mondays 8-9:30pm MDT)

Part 1: Foundations of Mindfulness

Lesson 1: Accepting & Allowing – the beginnings of surrender

Lesson  2: Becoming the Observer – the core of mindfulness

Lesson 3: Exploring the Human Condition – contemplative practice

Lesson 4: Finding Our Center – the logistics of surrender

Lesson 5: The Subconscious Mind – introducing the ego

Lesson 6: Trauma & Triggers – how to work with brain & body

Lesson 7: Review & Synthesis

Part 2: Personal Transformation & Healthy Behavior Change

Lesson 8: Craving, Alignment & Abundance – learn how to manifest

Lesson  9: Self-Care & Self-Indulgence – learning to nurture

Lesson 10: Self-Defeating Behaviors – universal laws to align with

Lesson 11: Acknowledging Strengths – how does the Light shine through you?

Lesson 12: Moving Toward Oneness – identifying the splits we carry in heart and mind

Lesson 13: Taking Ownership – empowered accountability

Lesson 14: Review & Synthesis

Part 3: Moving Into the World With Compassion

Lesson 15: Mindful Communication – patterns to guide us

Lesson  16: Mindful Relationships – drama, intimacy, and differentiation

Lesson 17: Moving Forward With Compassion – from self-compassion to loving-kindness

Lesson 18: Mindful Inclusion – understanding how power dynamics can expand our healing and compassion

Lesson 19: Lifelong Awakening – practices and principles to maintain change

Lesson 20: Paying It Forward – celebrating how far we’ve come

Lifelong Awakening is a year-long program that represents a lifestyle of conscious living.

  • Each lesson is supported by 3 practice elements. 

  • There is simply no substitute for actually getting into your body and doing the work. We are here to support you every step of the way.

  • As we say in 12-Step, it works when you work it—so work it, you’re worth it!

Practice Element 1

The Practice

  • The Practice represents your personal program of mindful movement & meditation.
  • Our videos & meditations correlate with each week’s study.
  • Build a customized weekly schedule that works for you.
  • We provide:
    • Fitness/Yoga
    • Walking Meditations
    • Seated Meditations
Practice Element 2

Weekly Group Meeting

  • 90 minutes
  • Your weekly Zoom meeting is facilitated by an experienced & practicing mentor.
  • It is wise to consider your weekly Group Meeting sacred space. Commit to attending weekly and you’ll set the tone for a truly life-changing year.
Practice Element 3

Coursework & Journaling

  • approximately 30 min/week
  • Utilizing the journaling prompts will absolutely maximize your results and set you apart as a serious student in the program.

Weekly Time Commitment:

    • The Practice (5-60min/day)
    • Journaling:  30 min/wk
    • Weekly Group: 90 min/wk

Total Weekly Time Commitment: 2 hours  + optional practice

There’s no way around it, you can’t expect progress if you keep putting yourself last. Commit to the practice and witness the dividends pay greater success in every aspect of your life.

Here’s what you’ll get

when you enroll in Lifelong Awakening

  • A Year of guided movement and meditation (that’s 80 hours of practice!)

    that use cardio, yoga, flexibility, strength training, and breathwork to connect you into your body–no matter your current fitness level! We literally walk WITH YOU through the workouts, concepts, and practices that will help you realize optimal strength and alignment in body, mind, and spirit and learn to move through life with unprecedented freedom.

    (a $2250 value)

  • The Lifelong Awakening Course Manual (hard copy & pdf worksheets)

    where you’ll get lifetime access to life-changing literature, concepts, worksheets, and inventories that you can use again and again as you navigate new chapters and life challenges in a mindful way.

    (a $150 value)

  • A library of printable posters to guide your mindfulness practice

    to enrich your environment and keep you close to your Highest Self.

    (a $50 value)

    • 72 Hours of Guided Mentorship in a Small, Safe Community

      so you can get personal feedback from a uniquely qualified mentor who has walked a similar road of healing and awakening, and continues to live in practice. Your small group offers deep connections with like-minded peers who will become an invaluable resource as you reach out to surrender and hold yourself accountable to self-directed boundaries and inspired intentions.

      Mentorship relationships have been some of the most rewarding relationships of my life, and I can’t wait to share this soul-expanding experience with you.

      ($7200 value)

These Bonuses To Help You Deepen Your Inner Transformation


The Introspective Artwork of Karolina Adams

We are beyond thrilled to collaborate with this gifted artist.

Your Coursebook includes a library of original art pieces by introspective artist Karolina Adams.

Karolina has generously allowed us to include 21 of her highly-sought-after pieces to tell the story of The Mindful Body.

One of her pieces alone represents more than the cost you pay for the entire book.

Learn more about Karolina’s work at

($1,218 Value)

Limited Time! Bonus 02

Implementing Conscious Eating Guidelines – a personalized plan from a certified dietitian

The BSS Conscious Eating Guidelines are simple practices that can help you bring mindfulness to your daily living. 

This PDF guide, prepared by our  participant and certified dietitian, Jaylene, gives you practical tips to personalize your approach to Conscious Eating in ways that will serve your unique body and challenges.

With practice and guidance, you can stop second-guessing yourself and learn to trust your inner guidance—the birthplace of your wisest and most accurate nutrition plan.

This Limited Time Bonus is available free of charge to participants who enroll BEFORE our Sept 3rd Launch Date.

($150 Value)

Limited Time! Bonus 03

Quick-Reference Mindfulness Toolkit

Get ready to expand your ability to keep your cool in moments you used to blow your lid. With our Quick-Reference Mindfulness Toolkit, you have an entire year of tools and practices right at your fingertips.

These tools and practices will become your bread and butter as we move through the next year, and you will be so glad to have this guide forever after to help you maintain your more enlightened lifestyle.

This Limited Time Bonus is available free of charge to participants who enroll BEFORE our Sept 3rd Launch Date.

($120 value)

Bonus 04

The Modified Movement Training Video

Are you worried about your current fitness level?

With this bonus training, Becky breaks down modifications that can ensure a safe and comfortable practice as you complete your workouts from home–no matter your limitations!

($150 Value)

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of $11,288.

We consider our work with our clients a sacred exchange of energy and intention. We aim to over-deliver on everything we promise, and return far beyond the value we ask for all that has been invested to be able to serve you. Our pricing aims to be as inclusive as possible while also inspiring the level of commitment necessary to truly create lifelong change.

4 monthly payments of


A one-time payment of


We are happy to offer a “try it, test it, apply it” money back guarantee.

If you’re on the fence… or if other training programs have left you skeptical… then I want to do my best to remove any barriers to this meaningful opportunity.  

That’s why I’m giving you a full 6 MONTHS to go through the program, keep up with the lessons, attend weekly Group meetings, and apply the practices.

I’m so confident that if you sincerely engage with Lifelong Awakening, you’ll witness the gifts of the program trickle into every aspect of your life, even beyond your expectations. You have nothing to lose and your best life to gain. For more details, click here.

Questions You Might Be Asking

I’m feeling concerned about the time commitment of this program. Are you sure I can do this?

When I hit rock bottom, I realized that my busy schedule was no longer relevant—it didn’t matter what else was on my list if I couldn’t live with myself or function in daily life. The time I spent investing in my healing was plentiful—for me, healing became a full-time job. But the dividends of the time I invested have repaid me ten-fold.

As I have grown in my ability to love myself and live consciously, I have become more effective in every aspect of my life. I have healthier relationships and am a more effective and loving partner and parent. I am able to balance work and personal life more skillfully as I gain the ability to be present with what I am doing without carrying the stress of what comes next.  As I care for and nurture my body, mind, and spirit as my highest priority, I have very few sick days or illnesses that slow me down. I feel better in my body and clearer in my mind.

These kinds of benefits require upkeep—a regular maintenance that cannot be replaced. If you can commit to your weekly meetings and some level of daily practice–even if it’s a 5-minute meditation sit, that will be enough to experience significant benefits. The more time you make for your practice, the more significant your progress will be. 

If you don’t feel you can commit time to spend 5 minutes per day, and one 90-minute per week to care for yourself and train your mind and body toward healthier ways of being, then it may be time to reconsider your time priorities. Is there anywhere you can shift, or anyone you can ask for help, to create more space to truly care for yourself?

If you aren’t willing to make the time to commit to your best life and Highest Self, who will?

When you learn how to live from your Highest Self, everything else in your life gets easier. Come see for yourself if this is true.

I'm not sure if I understand the Practice element. Can you explain more?

Lifelong Awakening is a comprehensive program that asks you to commit to a daily practice of some sort. Practice is embodied experience. It can be as small as a 5-minute meditation or as large as our 60-minute fitness, yoga and meditation practice sessions.

We offer several practice options to engage different ability levels and movement preferences. We encourage you to use our resources to create a customized plan that works for your needs and limitations.

Options include:

10-20 minute Seated Meditations

30-40 minute Walking Meditations

10-40 minute Audio Readings of the Course Lessons

50-60 minute Fitness, Yoga & Meditation Videos

Whatever practice routine works for you, focus on using your breath and body as tools to release emotion and connect you to presence and inner stillness.

Can I do this at home? What space or equipment do I need?

For Weekly Group Meetings, you will need access to Zoom meetings and reliable internet. A laptop or desktop computer is typically preferable over joining the meeting on a phone, but you can make either option work.

For Seated Practice, it might be nice to set up a regular sitting space at home. Some people like to buy a cushion or decorate with plants, spiritual symbols, or candles. Some even like to set up an altar of some sort.

For Walking Meditations, you simply need to have walking shoes. Ideally, we encourage you to use Walking Meditations to get outside and connect with nature whenever possible.

For Fitness/Yoga Practice, you will want a clear space of about 10×10 ft to move freely. You will want to purchase a light set of hand weights (anywhere from 3-8 lbs), and also a yoga mat. You will also need to have cross-training or athletic shoes that provide adequate support. Check yourself for foot or joint pain as you begin workouts to see if it is a good shoe for you.

I feel really uncomfortable sharing with a Group. Can I skip that part?

After a decade of experience in helping people heal, we know that the magic element that separates those who stay stuck from those who get better, is largely their level of connection in community.

Even if you are skeptical about Zoom, you may be pleasantly surprised at the level of vulnerability and intimacy that can be skillfully created in small Groups–and our mentors have lots of experience here. With 15 participants or less in each Group, your Zoom meeting will be a safe space to connect and report back. 

And don’t stress! There is no pressure to share more than you feel comfortable sharing. Your meeting will include accountability checks each week to help you stay committed to your practice, your goals, and your boundaries. It will also always include open time for voluntary sharing, but your personal shares are never required. In this program, you will always be encouraged to listen to your own intuition and honor your own soul. We are simply here to support you in that endeavor.

Are you ready to start your journey of Lifelong Awakening, and discover a life-changing pathway from fear to freedom in body, mind, and spirit?

If you’re here, perhaps it’s your time!

4 monthly payments of


A one-time payment of


If you’re thinking “this sounds like an amazing program but I’m still not 100% sure”…

We understand the brakes that come with stepping into a new program with additional time commitment. But we also understand how much better your life can be with the tools and community to help you actually make the changes you need.


If you feel spiritually lost, we are a safe space to help you release your trauma, engage in community, and explore what feels authentic and right in your mind-body-spirit today.


If you have dabbled with mindfulness, meditation, ketamine, or other psychedelics—we can give you the larger framework to understand and integrate what you’ve already experienced, and tools to find these higher-plane experiences through your own mind, body, spirit.


If you have experienced trauma or loss—we can help you navigate all the facets of grief and healing from a place of both formal training and personal experience. There is so much beauty to be found in sharing these difficult parts of the journey with one another.


If you feel numb—we have the simple, embodied tools to help you start living fully and feeling again. Opening the heart is a courageous decision that happens one day, one moment at a time.


If you have been beaten down—gaslighted and manipulated, confused or corrupted, blamed and disregarded, we can help you trust yourself and trust life again. We can help you move through bitterness and victim mentality to claim your empowered right to a full and fullfilling life.

Every human being has the innate capacity to heal and find wholeness. Embodied Mindfulness offers the tools to do just that: to awaken your whole life. You deserve to be loved, nurtured, cared for, and valued…and the truth is you are the best person to do that! 

I urge you to listen to the voice inside that is inspired by love, not fear… and take this leap of faith toward your Highest potential. You have my word, the trust and feedback of our growing community, and my Money-Back Guarantee to help provide the safety you need to step forward.

I hope you will join us to create a completely new chapter of your life—where peace and progress become the underlying foundation to a new way of moving through the world—with unprecedented presence, meaning, and deeply fulfilling relationships–one moment at a time. Let’s create something beautiful together.

4 monthly payments of


A one-time payment of


No matter where you have been, it is never too late to change where you’re going. Your best life is today.

I want you to know it is truly my privilege to help you discover the unique beauty, power, and adventure of your own Lifelong Awakening.

The tools we offer here—a unique marriage of 12-Step principles, mindfulness concepts, and embodied practices—are the very tools that saved my own life. When I look back in awe at the way I was carried by so many angels through my own darkness over a decade ago, I cannot look away from others in similar straits. No one should have to walk through their personal hell alone.

Plugging into a structured program and learning from experienced mentors was my life raft—it literally carried me through despair and changed everything about the way I move through life. It’s the same life raft I feel so compelled to offer you here.

If you feel alone, stuck, or simply dissatisfied, please take the time to heart-fully consider if this program is the lifeline you’ve been waiting for. You owe it to yourself to thrive, not just survive. Your heart will know if this is the next right step for you.

And remember–you have a 6-Month Risk-Free Money-Back offer to help you gather the courage to take it. My greatest intention is to offer value far beyond what we ask to sustain the resources we provide. I hold sacred the investment of time, energy, and money you make with us and will do all in my power to honor it.

I hope you DO decide to do something truly remarkable—and enroll in Lifelong Awakening. A year from now, you will be amazed to look back at all the healing that you never even knew you needed. We would love to help you discover the truly remarkable wonders of all that you already are.



Let's do this!

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