The answers you’re seeking are already within you.

Learn how to find them at Body Soul School.

We offer a comprehensive approach to long-term mental health and wellness, aligning body, mind, and spirit through:

  • structured curriculum
  • embodied mindfulness practice
  • supportive community
  • guided meditation

Build resilience toward an empowered life guided by your own inner compass.


Explore a structured curriculum of mindfulness and healing with consistent support and accountability.


Create an embodied lifestyle with Fitness, Yoga, & Guided Walking Meditations throughout the week.


Community & mentorship help sustain the personal practice that leads to your own spiritual awakening.

Community is the key to long-term change.

Course enrollment includes weekly group meetings held via Zoom. Together, we explore each week’s material, share our experience, and have the opportunity for feedback on how to apply the tools in our personal lives.

Community keeps us in consistent practice, accountable to ourselves and others for our attitudes and actions. Without some level of relational support and feedback, humans almost universally devolve into some level of egoic delusion—be it self-aggrandizement or self-loathing.

If you’ve been stuck, community may be the stabilizing factor missing in your efforts toward long-lasting change.

One Day at a Time

An Embodied Lifestyle

Too often, we compartmentalize our lives. We splice ourselves apart and think this is the way to manage what feels chaotic or out of control. But mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health are all connected.

With mindfulness, we zoom out the lens and integrate all aspects of Self. With compassionate curiosity, we pay attention to the signals our mind-body-spirit are sending moment to moment. We begin to listen and honor our body as a sacred vehicle of discernment. We come to recognize more quickly when we are off, and how to re-center.

Each lesson in your Course includes 50-minute fitness, yoga, & pilates sessions, 30-minute walking meditations, and 15-minute seated meditations to help you connect with your body on a regular basis. You can utilize this library of tools to build an embodied lifestyle that works for you. As you commit to this practice, you will be amazed at how naturally your inner compass begins to emerge and your next right step becomes clear.

Is this program for me?

Body Soul School Courses represent a unique marriage of 12-step principles and mindfulness practices.  Build a sustainable lifestyle supported by our online resources: fitness & yoga, walking meditations, daily sits, weekly group meetings, individual mentoring, and curriculum. This program has the power to open your eyes to a whole new way of being in the world.

It might be for you if…


Sexual Dissatisfaction

If you or your partnership needs resources to improve your sexual relationship, we can help create sanity, healing, long-lasting change, and life-changing connection.



If you are tired of being your own worst enemy, this Course can give you the tools you need to heal your most important relationship–the one with yourself!


Unresolved Trauma

If you’re still carrying the weight of past traumas you’ve never dealt with, this Course was made for you. Realize this: You have to feel it to heal it, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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