Our Mission

At Lifehouse Body & Soul, we believe that our fullest and most joyful life happens when we connect body, mind, and spirit on a regular basis. We seek to reframe fitness as a tool for conscious living, and meditation as a vehicle toward our Highest Selves. We use mindfulness, movement, and supportive community to help people heal their hidden traumas, live from integrity and power, and make peace with their body and their lives.

Meet the Team

Becky Moller--Program Director & Lead Instructor

Becky Moller lives in Spanish Fork, UT with her husband Nathan and their 5 children. Becky loves being in her body, and has over 14 years experience teaching Group Fitness to thousands of University students. She is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher and is currently completing the 2-year Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Certification Program under the direction of Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. She is also the author of The Lifehouse Body & Soul Course Book.

In her early adult life, Becky struggled with anorexia, perfectionism, and body distortion that led to fertility challenges. In 2014 she was faced with her greatest spiritual teacher: betrayal trauma. Ironically, it was this life-shattering experience that ultimately led her to uncover the many limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors that caused her body trauma and anxiety among other challenges. She continues on a lifetime pathway to heal these beliefs through applying 12-Step principles, practicing mindfulness, and finding the divine power of meditation. She has not weighed herself nor counted a calorie since 2015, and feels truly grateful each day to be free of body hatred and stress.

Through the rock bottom of betrayal trauma, she became deeply involved in addiction and trauma recovery work, serving as the Executive Director of S.A.Lifeline Foundation (a 12-Step Non-Profit) for 3 years, where she led Women’s retreats, spoke publicly, and developed online curriculums and educational materials.

Becky feels overwhelmed with gratitude at how such an ugly beginning has become such a beautiful part of her life–and has learned to approach life with an open mind and trust in the creativity of a Higher Power at work. She finds joy and meaning in paying forward the universal message of compassion, trauma-healing, self-awareness, empowerment, and essential identity to a world in need.

She believes passionately in the profound power of integrating body-mind-and-spirit in spiritual healing and personal growth. She would love to share this practice and help you uncover the infinite and unique Light that already lives in you.

Holly Lambert--Yoga & Meditation Specialist

Holly Lambert is a Yoga Alliance 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher with over a decade of experience teaching yoga and meditation to thousands of individuals. She practices the 12-Steps and finds her greatest passion in helping people to open their heart, and connect to the Higher Power of their own understanding. Holly’s guided meditations have helped hundreds of women in trauma to break down their walls, reconnect with their heart, and deepen their relationship with God.

Nesha Woodhouse - Co-Founder

Nesha started Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy in her basement in 1999. Because of her own personal struggles with feeling like her worth was determined by her accomplishments, Nesha has sought to create an environment at Lifehouse that strives to instill values of personal integrity and strength in its students rather than competition, seeking for external validation and ego.  The studio, under her leadership, has grown to be one of the largest in Utah.

Nesha’s first experience with body trauma happened at age 4.  Several traumatic experiences throughout her childhood and early adolescence contributed to her developing Anorexia in an effort to feel in control of her worthiness for love and acceptance by controlling her body size.  Although this has been a difficult challenge, journeying with her body and healing her trauma has also been her greatest teacher.  It is in grappling with this challenge that Nesha has discovered truth, wisdom and the gift in the human experience.

In seeking for her own healing, Nesha sought out many resources.  She has attended workshops, done therapy, participated in various fitness programs, read countless books and worked with many wonderful mentors.  She has learned the power of aligning herself with truth and the importance of healing trauma, which is universal to the human condition.

In seeking for her own healing, Nesha struggled to find answers for her body trauma.  She found that most programs tied feeling good about yourself and health strictly to weight, size and following a strict routine of diet and exercise.  She knew from her own experience that looking to an outcome of being a certain size or of behaving “perfectly” were not the answer.  She also recognized that most people, especially women, have significant shame and trauma around their body.  A vision for a program that would teach that true power comes in being aligned with truth, the need for a higher power, and the integration of the mind, body, heart and soul began to form.

Nesha’s vision is to create a space that she was always searching for, but could never find.  A space for honoring the body as a glorious instrument to learn, experience and love.

Lynda Maxfield--Communication Advisor & Program Editor

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