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What is the Connection Between Mindfulness & Mental Health?

What are your current perceptions around mental health?

What do you do when someone you know or love struggles with their mental health?

How “bad” does it need to get before you seek help? And where do you go to find it?

At Body Soul School, we view Mindfulness as an incredibly powerful perspective to add to our mental health conversations.

Mindfulness shifts our typical assumptions: from the belief that we need someone or something out there to fix or rescue us, to the understanding that all the answers we need are already inside of us, and we have the power and ability to unwind the spell for ourselves–through the Light of a Higher Power. In fact, we are the only ones who can.

Common mental health conversations often frame things in terms of managing and medicating. Mindfulness adds on a lifelong journey of healing.

This way of “deep-looking” invites us into grounding tools, consistent practices, and supportive community, that help to illuminate the root of our difficulties: most often found in a false sense of self that is built on limiting belief systems and fear.

We see Mindfulness as an important addition to our mental health conversations and interventions, one that can reinforce traditional approaches like therapy and medication.

We seek to raise awareness of the benefits for mindfulness for all of us, to eliminate the stigma around mental health, and to create communities where compassion and connection grows organically as our increased level of self-awareness brings us together in empathy and understanding.

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