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Fight Anxiety by Using Mindfulness to Find Your Center

Do you ever pause to notice the thoughts that run through your mind when you are full of anxiety?

Anxiety can be a blaring, neon-flashing sign, asking us to consider, “Who or what is at my center right now?”

Some clues that we have lost our center might be:

  • feeling a state of crisis
  • playing God in your life and the life of others
  • analyzing and replaying scenarios over and over
  • using hopeless, helpless words like “always” and “never”

One of the best ways to work with anxiety is to simply and consistently calm the body and mind through mindfulness tools.

The purpose of mindfulness is to bring awareness to what is at our center in any given moment. This allows us to use our mind, body, and spirit to realign. With practice, we can consciously choose where we put our center, offering relief from anxiety, fear, shame, and confusion.

In today’s guided meditation, Holly leads us through an 8-minute breath-focused practice that you can use anytime, anywhere, to help you identify what is at your center, and create space for something Higher.

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