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How Tiny Habits Can Anchor Your Life in Divine Connection

Today, Becky applies tips from BJ Fogg’s book Tiny Habits to help you understand how small commitments can really change your life.

First, we identify a “floor” habit that helps you feel spiritually grounded. A “floor” habit is something small enough that you feel that you could do it, even on a bad day. It might be something as small as:

  • taking a conscious breath
  • repeating a simple mantra or prayer
  • reading one verse of scripture or uplifting material

Next, we attach an “anchor” to that floor habit. So, choose something you do everyday, no matter what, that can serve as an anchor to the new habit. Perhaps something like:

  • brushing your teeth
  • driving in the car
  • walking through the door

Every time you participate in the anchor activity, you also practice the new habit. On bad days, you stick with the “floor” version of the new habit. On good days, one conscious breath might turn into 10 minutes of meditation. One mantra might turn into 20 minutes of uplifting reading or listening. You get the idea?

This concept actually has a lot to do with the way we structure our daily practice at Lifehousefit Body & Soul—we utilize the intrinsic benefits of both exercise and meditation by anchoring these 2 activities to one another.

If you are a regular exerciser, you establish a consistent meditation practice by attaching meditation to your daily workout routine.

If you are a regular meditator, it is easier to exercise when you attach exercise to that which you already do.

As you create consistency through small success, you pave the pathway toward big changes in the way you move through life–with peace, presence, and power!


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