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Two Tips to Get Through the Holidays without Body Stress

Christmas is coming, and that adds a lot of extra fun, food, and events to life…which is great! But all this extra can also feel stressful.

In today’s blog post, Becky shares 2 simple tips to get through the holidays without body stress.

Tip 1: Listen to your body!

There has never been a better opportunity to practice mindfulness to manage your stress levels and your to-do lists. Even though it may feel like a huge clock is hanging over your head and ticking down the minutes, you can still practice putting your inner peace as your top priority.  Pay attention! When your body feels tight, your shoulders are hunched, your breathing is shallow…take a PAUSE! Even a few slow, intentional breaths can completely shift your mindset. You can go back to your to-do list with lightness and ease, instead of tearing through it like a banshee.

Tip 2: Focus on LBS Conscious Eating Guideline #3 & #10

Value life experiences over rigid rules or fear around food. Food adds richness and connection to many important rituals and life events.


View and treat your body as your most loyal friend. Honor it. When you feel you’ve made a mistake, don’t panic or shame yourself; such steps are part of healthy behavior change. Recognize that an over-indulgence or an excessive restriction can be helpful in the practice of learning to truly nourish and love yourself.

For a PDF download of all of our LBS Conscious Eating Guidelines, click here.

Here’s to a healthy and happy holiday season, where you use your body to bring you into contact with all the richness of the season, in wise and mindful ways. More joy, more peace, and more presence.

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