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How Do I Find the Light Within this Christmas?

Have you ever noticed all the symbolism around light we use at Christmas? We string up lights on houses and trees. We light candles and put up stars. What does this symbolism point to?

There are several different elements of the Christmas story that point to light. Angels appear in the heavens, proclaiming good tidings of great joy. A new star appears and brings Wise Men from the East.

But, perhaps these tangible signs and wonders point to something even deeper, something intangible. Perhaps they point to the Christ Himself, the very Light of the World.

What does this phrase mean? What do the qualities of Light show us about this tiny little Being who entered the world all those years ago?

Light allows us to see clearly. It is often associated with warmth, like the light of a fire. It is something we feel, inside and out.

It is said that the Light of Christ is something that we carry within us, each and every one of us. But what does that mean? And how often do we feel it?

At Lifehouse Body and Soul, feeling this Light is our primary practice. We believe that feeling this Light is accessible to all of us as we learn to use our bodies as sacred tools of discernment. But it takes deliberate intention to carve out the space and time to do so, especially during the bustling busy-ness of the holidays.

We hope this guided meditation with Holly will help you feel the Light within you. And with each twinkling Christmas light you see, you might remember to pause for a conscious breath, think of that new star in the Bethlehem sky, and feel for that same Light reflected within yourself.

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