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Mindfulness is Gratitude

As you prepare for the busy holiday week, what are you most looking forward to? What are your hopes and intentions for the week ahead?

Are you pausing regularly to check in with yourself and re-center, or are you officially in “survival mode,” rushing from one task to another on your to-do list?

In this week’s practice, Holly reflects on how many of us live in such a way that separates us from the joy that is right here in front of us, in the present moment as it unfolds.

Mindfulness itself is a practice that invites us into a state of being that is naturally imbued with a deep sense of gratitude. As we learn to inhabit and acknowledge our bodies, it is impossible to deny or overlook the miracle of simply existing. This heightened gratitude is the source of much of the peace and well-being that mindfulness offers.

As you take 8 minutes of your time to pause for practice with Holly, she will guide you through simple tools that can pay dividends through your entire holiday week.

    • Deepening your breath and nurturing an appreciation for this abundant and ever-present source of life
    • Sensory experience–a deeper awareness of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches that make this holiday truly meaningful.
    • Connection–the ability to be present with those you love–to see and hear and create the space for them to be appreciated and cherished exactly as they are.

This Thanksgiving, our wish is that you can do more than just survive. Our wish is that you can use mindfulness to bring yourself into direct contact with the people, food, and experiences that offer richness, contentment, meaning, and joy.

Everything you are looking for is already here, within you. This week, may you have the eyes to see those you love, ears to hear the words and sounds of that which matters most, and a heart that is open and overwhelmed to the profound gift of all of it…to be right here, right now.

Don’t miss it. A simple pause is all it takes to make this Thanksgiving a true feast in every sense of the word.

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