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Mindfulness for Moms, Caretakers, & Helping Professionals

Yesterday the United States celebrated Mother’s Day, a day which may feel joyful, neutral, or triggering to you, for any number of reasons.

Motherhood plays a complex role in our conditioning as women. Without realizing it, this day can trigger into deep wounds around our perceived success or failure in the roles we think we are supposed to play, and touch into our core identity.

Today, we’d like to bring mindfulness into the specific challenges of being a mother, a caretaker, a teacher, nurse, or helping professional.

Mindfulness can be a crucial practice to help us keep our center when much of our life’s work involves serving others.

Today, we consider a few fundamental Truths:

  1. There is a part of each one of us that longs for someone to protect us, to stand up for us, to make it clear that we matter.
  2. As emotional grown-ups, we can heal past wounds by learning how to do this work for ourselves.
  3. It is my job to know my limitations.
  4. It is my job to use my voice to ask for what I need.
  5. I am accountable for my own resentment.

Today, we are sharing 2 mindfulness practices to help us find our center and maintain healthy boundaries. Doing so allows us to show up for life with our full capacity to love and be present with an open heart.

  1. AEIOUY Check-in (The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene Brown) : Each day, we can specifically focus on the I and the O– did I do something for myself today? Did I do something for others today? When these two points get out of balance, we can usually feel it in our sense of overwhelm, depletion, and/or resentment.
  2. Does this nourish me or does this deplete me? (The Wisdom of the Body, Christine Valters Paintner) This question helps us find alignment and wise action in the present moment.

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