Day 2: Walking Meditation 1

Walking Meditation 1

lifehousefit · Lifehouse Body & Soul Course Book: Week 1 – Allowing & Accepting

Time to grab your earbuds and put on your walking shoes. Today’s mindfulness tool is a Walking Meditation. Listen to Lesson One: Accepting & Allowing from the Living From the Inside Out Course Manual as you connect with your breath and body–ideally out in nature!

BONUS: VIDEO from Becky & Nesha

Watch this video from Becky & Nesha about learning how to ACCEPT & ALLOW your body just as it is.


  • What does physical resistance typically feel like for me? Where do I feel it in my body? (tight shoulders, headache, tummy trouble, anxious thoughts, back pain, stiff neck, etc.)


Day 1: Daily Practice 1

Day 3: Daily Practice 2

Day 4: Walking Meditation 2

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