Day 1: Daily Practice 1

Grab your yoga mat, athletic shoes, and a bottle of water! Today’s tool is a Daily Practice. Plan for 50 minutes of movement and meditation.

Accepting & Allowing

Lifehouse Body & Soul (LBS) is a fitness studio and mindfulness program aimed to help us live more consciously, heal our traumas, and improve our relationship with our bodies, our God, and ourselves. Here, we use the body as a spiritual instrument—a radical departure from the image-focused, air-brushed, and objectified human bodies so often idolized. Whether transmitted through our culture, social circles, religious communities, profession, or even our families, so many messages around us seem to equivocate happiness and success with perceived outward perfection. As we begin our journey together, it can be important to acknowledge such conditioning, whether we realize its impact or not. Together with our lived experience, such messages inform the unique way we view ourselves and our bodies. 

In response to these unhealthy body narratives, we may have mastered the ideal image, finding safety in the security of other people’s admiration. Or maybe we have rejected these constructs entirely, building a cocoon of protective layers around ourselves. For a time, either our hyper-focus or total dismissal of the body may seem to work. But sooner or later, we awake to a background static of fear or never-ending striving. It may serve us to look beyond our surface and consider if, on some level, we are using our bodies as objects: either to get ahead or to hide away. Inevitably, both strategies can come to feel like an offense against our most authentic Selves.

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Day 2: Walking Meditation 1

Day 3: Daily Practice 2

Day 4: Walking Meditation 2

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