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More Than Mindfulness #3: Presence Meditation

Today’s meditation builds on our practice of emptying our cup.

Last week, we explored how to empty our cup physically–through our breath, through strong cardio movement, through releasing and relaxing our physical body.

We also explored how to empty our cup by finding the present moment, using the mantra: “I am here. Here I am.”

Our intention was to practice noticing when we lose ourselves in past thinking or future thinking, and then to use our breath and mantra to bring ourselves gently back to the present moment.

How did that go for you this week? Were you able to wiggle just a little more space, a little more presence in your day to day life?

This week, we use this same empty cup concept to find presence in a deeper way: by identifying with the aliveness we feel in our inner body as our essential “I Am.”

We also contrast this inner peace to how we feel when we primarily identify with the roles we play, or other ways we describe or define ourselves.

If you have read this far–I’m so glad! But I am going to encourage you to stop reading, and instead click on the video so you can experience this meditation for yourself–in your own body, mind, and spirit.

When it comes to awakening, the truth is this: it’s not something you can attain by reading about it. You have to do the work for yourself to know for yourself. You have to go inward. There is simply no substitute.

Thanks for joining us! We hope this meditation increases your feelings of peace, love, joy, and connection, not just today, but throughout your week, anytime you need it. For more resources on how to practice mindfulness this year, check out:

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