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Building a Healthier Relationship with Your Body: Part 2 – Accepting & Allowing

Most people come to health and fitness programs looking for one thing: a sense of control over their body. We want to force ourselves into the agenda we have created for ourselves–the picture perfect body we may have taped on our bedroom mirror or a certain pant size we have in mind.

But control-tactics are a bit like band-aids. They can cover up a problem effectively for awhile, but they do not have the power to heal. When we are misaligned with our bodies–on either end of the spectrum–this is a manifestation that something inside of us is broken. There is a wound that is calling for healing. We can cover up the discomfort with short-lived control tactics, or we can take the more permanent approach. We can heal what’s actually hurting.

At Lifehouse Body & Soul, we take the slow-cooker approach to health and body image. No extreme diets or crazy workout regimens. We are steady, strong, and consistent. We know that healing wounds takes time, but has permanent effect. The first step toward this permanent shift is completely counterintuitive to the typical control-based approach: it is to accept and allow your body and your life to be exactly as it is.

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