How the Program Works

Part 1

One-to-One Mentoring builds upon Course principles. It allows individuals time to process, share, and apply Course material in personal ways to address specific issues.

Part 2

One-to-One Mentoring offers additional opportunity to use guided meditation as a way to connect with the Divine, uncover past traumas, and uncover hidden roadblocks.

Part 3

Complete assignments, inventories, and journaling prompts that will help you understand and unlock your Highest Self.

Part 4

Work with a Registered Dietician to find nutrition guidance that works for your specific body, and still keeps you aligned with LBS principles.

What Our Clients Think

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose to do One-to-One Mentoring?

If you are serious about your pathway of personal growth, or you are navigating a particularly difficult challenge, One-to-One Mentoring offers a powerful tool to help you find your next right steps with consciousness and clarity.

Individual Mentoring will give you time and opportunity to share, discuss, and ask questions about your personal situation.

Individual Mentoring will also give you the chance to zero in on specific principles or topics that resonate with you right now. If you want the full benefit of fully working the program, One-to-One Sessions can pay big dividends in your personal life.

You have total flexibility and freedom in this extra help–you can request as few as 2 sessions to help you get over a little bump. Or you can commit to long-term, regular mentoring if you would benefit from greater support. We want to offer the support you need in ways that work for your schedule and budget.

What are the specific dates and times of Mentoring Sessions?

In January, we hope to have a scheduling system in place so you can schedule your sessions right when you book, at a time that is convenient for you.

Why do I have to already be enrolled in The Course?

As you already know if you have been a past participant, the LBS Course presents a conscious, God-centered way of living. As we practice, we never expect to arrive at a point of completion or completely master the skills and concepts we learn here. Life is always presenting us with new challenges to navigate, and new opportunities to practice.

One-to-one Mentoring  represents an opportunity to get extra support and accountability to apply these concepts and tools to the endless variety of ways that life may challenge us. Mentoring is designed for people who already have a  solid foundation of Course principles to deepen their understanding and discover, “What is still keeping me stuck? What else is out there for me? How can I move through this moment with God at my center?”

Are You Ready to Get Started? Come see how fitness can be a tool for living more consciously and joyfully everyday.

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