Membership Packages Syncing Body, Mind & Spirit through daily movement & meditation.

Fitness: Daily Practice Membership

$ 60.00/month

  • Tuesday, August 24th-Friday, May 20th
  • We follow the Nebo School District Calendar for holidays & days off
  • M-F, 9-10:30am @ Lifehouse in Salem, UT
  • T/Th 6-7am option @ Lifehouse in Salem, UT
  • Includes 2 pre-recorded Daily Practices per lesson to use anytime, anywhere
  • Includes 1 Walking Meditation for each lesson to supplement in-class movement
  • All classes include mindfulness teaching, cardio, yoga/pilates, & meditation
  • Join anytime!
  • Cancel anytime
  • For women & girls 12+
  • First Class Free
  • $12 Drop-In Fee

Evening Mindfulness Course: Living From the Inside Out

$ 70.00 /month

  • Lessons 1-9: Tuesday, August 24th-Tuesday, Dec 14th
  • Lessons 9-18: Tuesday, January 4th-Tuesday, May 17th
  • Course Community Meeting held weekly: Tuesdays @ 8:15-9:45pm @ Lifehouse
  • Cancel anytime
  • For women 18+

Daily Movement & Meditation not included.
Course only option does not include online resources.

Coming in January! One-to-One Mentoring

$ 150 - 450.00

  • Starting in January, we are excited to offer 60-minute one-to-one Mentoring sessions for both the LBS Program and Nutrition.
  • Mentoring is available only to participating members of the LBS Course or Daily Practice.
  • Get individualized support, assignments, feedback, and accountability to deepen your understanding and exploration of Course Principles.
  • Work with a certified dietician to help you find a healthy approach guided by science as well as LBS Course concepts.
  • Required Materials: The LBS Course Book
  • Sessions filled on a first come-first served basis.
  • To get your name on the list, join the waitlist today.

Daily Practice BenefitsLove who you are. Find strength in community. Heal what hurts. Sustain the change.

  • Cardio Workouts

    At Lifehouse Body & Soul, we use movement of all types to release energy, find our center, and live in the present moment. The cardio portion of fitness classes incorporate:

    • Zumba
    • HIGH Fitness
    • High-intensity interval training (STRONG & TABATA)
    • Barre
    • Gentle toning
    • Pilates-based cardio sets

    We use the high-energy portion of our classes to ground ourselves in the present moment and build and release energy through the body. When we coordinate breath with movement, we have greater capacity to connect mind, body, and spirit. All fitness levels are welcome.

    Online & In-person classes included in Fitness Membership.

  • Yoga Flow

    At Lifehouse Body & Soul, yoga is an essential element of every class. We honor yoga as an ancient spiritual practice with unique capacity to unite our body, mind, and spirit. Our teachers are trained in Tanha Yoga, a creative and expressive flow designed intuitively in every class with the goal of self-realization. Classes are accessible to all fitness levels.

    Benefits of yoga:

    • Improves flexibility
    • Trains breath awareness
    • Increases sense of equanimity and well-being
    • Total-body strength benefits
    • Increases capacity to feel present in the body
    • Allows emotions to surface and release
    • Prepares the mind for meditation

    Online & In-person classes included in Fitness Membership.

  • Meditation

    Mindful meditation is the most important thing we do in class each day.  This is the key to expanding the benefits you feel in class to every moment of your daily life. Each week you will be taught basic principles of mindfulness to transcend the limits of your “monkey mind” and find your spiritual center. At Lifehouse Body & Soul, we believe that this is the place within you that will lead you to your best life and Highest Self.

    The meditation portion of our classes incorporate the following strategies:

    • A minimum of 10 minutes
    • Traditional Savasana: deep, meditative rest
    • Guided meditation: imaginative wandering
    • Contemplation: focusing the mind on a question or intention
    • Body-sensing: bringing awareness into different parts of the body
    • Chanting: repeating a mantra to focus the mind
    • Loving-kindness: a practice to develop deep compassion for self and others
    • Higher Power Meditations: meditations to help you deepen your relationship with the Higher Power of your own understanding

    Online & In-person Meditations included in Fitness Membership.

  • Nutrition

    Lifehouse Body & Soul Mindful Eating Guidelines:

    • Eat when you are hungry. Stop eating when you are full. Trust your body. 
    • Slow down the eating experience. It takes about 20 minutes for your body’s hunger and satiety signals to kick in. 
    • Value life experiences over rigid rules and fear around food. Food adds richness and connection to many important rituals and life events. 
    • It is often helpful to let go of labels of good or bad food. There is a place for all types of food in a mindful diet. 
    • Use food to truly nourish our bodies and souls. Most bodies need fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and plenty of water to feel good. 
    • Most people typically need some sort of sustenance at least every 4-6 hours. 
    • If you tend to binge without realizing it, planning healthy meals and snacks ahead of time might be a strategy that helps you.
    • If you tend to be too rigid around what and how much you eat, it can be helpful to avoid measuring portions, weighing yourself, or tracking calories.
    • Instead of focusing on what or how much you eat, try focusing on how you want to feel after you eat.
    • Stop treating your body as an enemy. Honor it as your most loyal friend. Recognize an over-indulgence or excessive restriction as a helpful step on your journey toward learning to truly nourish and love yourself. Each moment is a new beginning.

  • The Course

    The Lifehouse Body & Soul Course, referred to as “The Course,” offers what Dr. Elisha Goldstein calls the “X-factor” in sustaining positive change: community. At weekly group meetings, we explore principles that remind us who we are and our intention to heal and change in positive ways. Our curriculum is based on 12-step concepts, principles of trauma-healing, strategies for ownership and taking appropriate accountability, and practical application of mindfulness.

    The Course Book is a hard-copy workbook that offers weekly readings, journaling, and worksheets. Additionally, your online course includes:

    • Course Book in audio & text
    • Guided Meditations
    • Online Journal
    • Printables & worksheets to support each week’s topic.

    What to expect at a Course Community Meeting:

    • Welcome script that includes brief introductions
    • Accountability check-in
    • 30-minutes of reading & discussion
    • 30-minutes of optional sharing
    • Goal-setting
    • Opportunity to connect with others in a safe space
    • Anonymity

    * We highly recommend the Fitness Daily Practice and Course combo. Daily classes reiterate concepts taught in The Course and offer mindfulness practice and application. The two aspects of the program support and deepen each other.

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