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Your first download is a poster of The Serenity Prayer, and it will guide your practice this first week.

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We suggest you put this poster in a high-traffic area where you will see it often.

Each morning, you might recite the prayer, considering: What do I need to accept in my life today? What do I have the power to change?

One of the foundations of our practice is learning to accept life exactly as it presents itself–to stop fighting to control the parts of our lives that we cannot change.

This week, take particular notice of the moments when you tighten–mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Recognize this tightening as a sign that you are trying to control something you cannot change: that you are burning your energy and spinning your wheels in ways that do not serve.

Your practice is to notice these moments of resistance, and use your breath and your will to let go and release: to create space to allow life to be just as it is.

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Our full Welcome Packet includes tools to help you live a mindful life one moment at a time:

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  • A Lifehouse Body & Soul sticker

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