How to Create More Intimacy in 10 Minutes or Less per Day — Download Your Free Guide

Imagine waking up next to your partner, wrinkled and gray, years down the road…rolling to your side, watching them sleep, feeling absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude and respect at the mystery of who they are and your opportunity to evolve alongside them for all these years.

Do you know any lifetime married couples who experience such moments?

Is your partnership on track to be one?

People always seem to be looking for life hacks: the short cut, the easy button to get the results we want with the least possible effort.

In my experience, when it comes to relationships and personal growth, there’s no real short-cut. 

And when we’re looking for one, it usually means we’re trying to by-step the real work of facing the issues underneath the surface-level fixes.

But the practice I’m going to share with you today is something I could call an “intimacy hack.” 

It’s a simple, straight-forward ritual that my husband and I have been practicing for over a decade.

It’s become so foundational to our connection, I can’t imagine our marriage without it.

The practice is called a Couples’ Check-in, and while it isn’t rocket science, there are definitely some nuances that we’ve learned over ten years of practice that have made it extremely successful for us.

This Check-in has improved our emotional connection, increased our ability to peacefully navigate conflict, and enhanced our sex life.

The free download has clear instructions, troubleshooting issues I’ve seen in our own and others’ experience, and FAQs that can help you implement this practice successfully on your own.

You can download it here:

I hope it serves you as well as it’s served us over the years!

Wishing you all the best in love and life,



Marriage was Never Meant to be a Struggle

Marriage was never meant to be a struggle.

If you find yourself dreading the next argument with your spouse, living for your next chance to check out and numb yourself, or constantly burdened with feelings of resentment…  you’re probably approaching it the wrong way.

You can choose to shift your meaning…

See marriage as a vehicle to let go of your small, personal self.

Nothing will reveal your ego, your blind spots, and the coping strategies that keep you stuck better than your marriage.

See marriage as a way to explore your deepest capacity for connection. 

This is what all humans yearn for, and in marriage, the opportunity to explore intimacy is right here in front of you–mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Great marriages are a shared adventure that help us wake up and in a world that has gone numb, to actually feel something.

Great marriages are a safe place to express your own creativity, carve a unique path through life, and to try things out.

Great marriages are a soft landing when we fail, struggle, or suffer.

Through marriage, we can evolve into highly differentiated beings with the capacity to own our own stuff so we can respond to others with wisdom and compassion.

By actively engaging in and nurturing our marriage, we show the universe (and our partner) we are serious about our personal growth and our potential for joy.

Lastly, through marriage, we can spread love, raise consciousness, and serve.

If you are single, please replace the word “marriage” with “intimate relationships.” Married or single, our intimate relationships are meant to be the icing on the cake of our lives, not our primary burdens.

This week, pay attention to the way you talk about and think about your marriage or your intimate partner.

Are you viewing your intimate life as your greatest adventure, or a drama to be dealt with?

Rooting for you and  the infinite growth potential of your intimate relationships,


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