The Mindful Couples Course Book


Required for first-time enrollees of the Body Soul School Online Course. Manual included in our Mindful Couples Course Fee.



What Others Have to Say

“I’m learning how to cope with tough situations and feelings in healthy ways.” -Dan

“This program offers the tools to work through trauma, and a safe community. Participating in this community facilitates healing.”

“Lifehouse Body & Soul is teaching me new ways to find my center and connect with God and my true self.”  -Rachel

“I feel I understand and regularly practice handling myself and life in healthier ways. I feel lighter emotionally and when I feel that emotional weight again I have tools and practices that help me come back to a greater sense of well-being.” -Craig

“Body Soul School has given me helpful tools, methods, mindsets, and attitudes to become a better wife and mother, and most importantly, an improved individual. I am completely changed because of the program. It is so much more than a “fitness” program; it really is all about bringing every part of your being together (body, mind, spirit) to work cohesively for your personal benefit.” -Takiesha

“I was drowning and reeling from betrayal trauma. None of my previous coping mechanisms helped and counseling felt slow and offered no relief. Every time I participate at Lifehouse Body & Soul I walk away feeling like I make progress. It gave me understanding and tools to process the emotions that felt suffocating. This program came into my life when I needed it most. I don’t know how I would have carried on without it. Every single person would benefit from this program. It helps you get to know yourself better and we all could use more of that.” -Alicia

“This program is life changing. It has something for everyone no matter the challenge.” -Tyler

“This program gave me the tools I’ve been looking for my entire life. From healing past wounds to eating to knowing myself to strengthening my body.” -Bri

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