Course Orientation – Logistics

Welcome to Body Soul School: Rediscovering the Body:
Level 1: Foundations of Mindfulness

We are so glad that you are here. Investing in yourself is a courageous decision that can change every aspect of your life.

The purpose of this module is help you understand the logistics of your Course. When you commit fully to utilizing all of the tools, you have the best chance to create the changes you want to see.

Online Tool #1: Full Practice Sessions (50-minutes each: 1/week)

Full Practice Sessions will give you a variety of cardio, toning, pilates, and yoga workouts with teachings and meditation to help you reconnect body, mind, and spirit.

Online Tool #2: Walking Meditations (25-30 minutes: 2/week)

Walking Meditations will give you a chance to practice and reflect on the week’s material. It is best practice to always journal after completing a walking meditation, so that you can remember what you experienced and learned.

Online Tool #3: Facebook Page

When you enroll, you will have access to a community Facebook page where you can connect with others who are working the program. This is a great place to reach out, ask questions, and find support.

Online Tool #4: Monthly Webinar/Q&A

Each month, we will host a live webinar/Q&A session that you can attend and ask specific questions. This webinar will be recorded so you can watch it at a later time.

Tangible Tool #1: Rediscovering the Body Workbook

Our curriculum follows our Rediscovering the Body Workbook. After each Walking Meditation, you will want to go to your workbook and do some journaling.

Move & Muse Walking Meditations: After you do a Move & Muse, you’ll want to go to the chapter content and fill in the spaces for reflection from that day’s walk.

Guided Walking Meditations:  After you do a Guided Walking Meditation, you’ll want to go to the Journaling Prompts and take time to journal.

Tangible Tool #2: Conscious Eating Guidelines

The Conscious Eating Guidelines are a key part of your Rediscovering the Body curriculum. Post them in a location where you see them often and try to apply them throughout the Course.

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